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A Night at Tudor House: Unveiling the Spirits Within

Updated: Jun 13

An amazing place to visit day or night
A Night at Tudor House Ghost Hunting

As a paranormal investigator, the anticipation of exploring Tudor House, renowned for its haunting legends, filled me with both excitement and curiosity. This investigation was an opportunity to apply the skills I've honed over recent investigations led by the expert DS Haunts Team, combining past experiences with a more rigorous approach to understanding the phenomena we encounter. This investigation was undoubtedly a tale of two halves, each revealing layers of mystery and the unseen.

The Prelude: Goosebumps and Control Objects

Our night began with a thorough walkthrough of Tudor House, which immediately sent shivers down my spine in two specific areas, later I became aware that these areas were known for their heightened activity. We meticulously set up control objects, ensuring that any movement or displacement could be attributed to paranormal activity. Interestingly, these objects remained undisturbed throughout the night, adding a layer of frustration to our findings.

Part 1: The Green Room and Beyond

Our first stop was the infamous Green Room. Known for its spectral sightings, we approached this room with our EMF meters and thermal cameras. Although no definitive evidence of spirits emerged, the room had fluctuating cold spots and occasional orbs captured on camera. These orbs, while often debunked as dust or insects, seemed to have an unusual glow that piqued our interest.

Moving to the older sections of the house, I walked through a particularly cold spot that activated the goosebumps effect. Goosebumps, those tiny prickly bumps, have recently gained attention in ghost hunting circles, believed to be reactions to spiritual energy. However, this physiological response, known as "Piloerection" or "Horripilation," can also be triggered by cold breezes or strong emotions. The challenge is distinguishing between natural causes and the paranormal!

Later, during a two-person vigil on the Victorian walkway, that familiar goosebumps sensation returned. In conversation with a fellow investigator, we speculated that the entity seen by others, and felt by me, crossing this path might be residual energy, regularly walking its historic route. This hypothesis opens avenues for future focused investigations to determine any patterns or timings.

Part 2: The House Comes Alive

After a brief intermission, the atmosphere in Tudor House shifted dramatically. In the attic, we observed a significant number of orbs, culminating in one notable manifestation (Video at the end of the BLOG) As I stood there, an entity walked right past me, a surreal experience that heightened my sense of presence.

The banqueting hall provided another, significant, highlight. Here, I captured a manifestation that appeared intelligent. This apparition moved across the hall, seemingly became aware of my presence and it approached me. My initial reaction when it got close was to back away, and intriguingly, the entity mirrored my hesitation before fading away when another investigator reached out. This encounter was partially filmed by another investigator, and we hope the footage will corroborate our experience.

Not just an amazing room, something lurks within
The Banqueting Hall - Haunted Tudor House

Communicating with the Unknown

Following this, we engaged in a conversation using electronic apps, during which my name was clearly spelled out and pronounced, some details also proved to resonate with me. This interaction included highly personal details which, despite being subjective, were strikingly accurate. The probability of such precision by chance was extremely low, adding a layer of intrigue to our findings.

This investigation at Tudor House yielded substantial results — strong feelings, names, orbs, and the initial identification of what seemed to be an intelligent energy. The usual explanations of dust, lens flare, and insects were easily discounted in these instances. For me, two events stand out with no rational explanation, solidifying my eagerness to return for further exploration.

A Resident Spirit: George

An interesting subplot emerged involving a staff member who recounted experiences with a spirit nick-named George over a long period, even believed to have built a relationship with the entity. According to her, George's activity increased after an object was moved and especially when she 'told' the spirit she was to leave the team. These anecdotes provided additional context and suggested a potential interaction with this spirit during our investigation. Although we hoped to make contact, any definitive evidence remained elusive.

A Night to Remember

This night at Tudor House was an enlightening journey into the supernatural. The mix of residual and intelligent energies we encountered, combined with personal experiences and captured evidence, made it a truly unforgettable investigation. I really do look forward to future visits, armed with more refined techniques and an ever-growing curiosity to uncover the secrets that Tudor House holds. This is just the beginning of what promises to be a series of compelling explorations into one of Southampton's most haunted landmarks.

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