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A Possible Paranormal Encounter at The Historic Crab and Boar

A Historic English Pub
The Crab & Boar

Recently, I took a much-needed break and visited The Crab and Boar near Chieveley and Newbury. As a hypnotherapist, energy-sensitive intuitive, and paranormal investigator, I am always on the lookout for intriguing locations with rich histories, and this inn certainly did not disappoint.

The Crab and Boar, formerly known as The Blue Boar Inn, is a Grade II listed building dating back to the 18th century. Nestled on the south side of North Heath along the road to Wantage, its painted brick and thatched roof exude rustic charm. The inn's history is steeped in local lore, especially its association with the Parliamentary army during the Second Battle of Newbury in 1644. A blue statue of a seated boar, allegedly brought by Cromwell's men from Yorkshire, stands as a silent sentinel to its storied past.

First Night: A Gentle Spirit

On the first night, I settled into my cosy room, eager to relax and enjoy the tranquillity and the amazing views across the fields. However, as I lay in bed, I became aware of an unusual presence. It felt like an inquisitive, gentle female spirit. The energy was soft and non-threatening, almost as if she was simply curious about the guests. As an intuitive, I often sense and interact with spirits, and this one seemed particularly benevolent. It was as if she belonged to the inn, watching over it and its guests or perhaps waiting for someone?

Last Night: An Unsettling Encounter

The last night of my stay, however, was a stark contrast. Each time I began to drift off to sleep, I was jolted awake by a dark, malevolent presence. I heard sinister whispers threatening for example to "crush your bones and flush them down the toilet" and declaring "we will place you on trial like the other." The malevolence in the air was palpable, and it chilled me to the core.

Intrigued and somewhat alarmed, I started to do some research and to piece together the origins of this dark energy. Initially, I believed there had been a civil war battle in the field opposite the inn. However, when I focussed I really did 'see' that there had been a camp there. Upon further research, I discovered that it had been a camp used by Sir William Waller and his men the night before the Second Battle of Newbury, with the Officers staying in the building itself - one room named after Oliver Cornwell.

This historical connection provided a plausible explanation for the hostile energy I encountered. The lingering spirits of soldiers who had faced imminent death may still haunt the area, their unrest manifesting as the sinister presence I experienced.

The Inn's Rich History

The transformation of The Blue Boar Inn to The Crab in 2004, while adding modern amenities, did not erase its rich historical roots. Local legend tells of a maiden named Weston, who, heartbroken over the deaths of her Royalist father and her Parliamentarian lover during the Second Battle of Newbury, threw herself into a well upon hearing the fateful trumpet blasts. Her spirit is said to haunt the area still, a tragic echo of love and loss. Was this the spirit I encountered?

The Downland, was much fought over during the Civil War, and has many stories. The inn itself, with its blue boar statue, carries tales of soldiers and battles, of love and despair. The statue, originally from Ripley Castle in Yorkshire, is a fascinating artefact of this tumultuous period. Its journey from Ripley to North Heath, courtesy of Cromwell's soldiers, adds another layer to the inn's enigmatic past.

From Yorkshire to Berkshire, carried by Civil War Parliamentarian Soldiers
The Infamous Blue Boar

So is the Carb and Board Haunted?

In 1968 a previous Landlord called Russ Felt suggested that the "upstairs was haunted". Yet, absolutely no other customers have reported any instances of paranormal activity. Was this the landlords desire to simply 'have a ghost' in the pub and bring in customers or was it really what I encountered?

I genuinely do think that sometimes only people who are able to connect beyond the veil are able to experience what I did. Should you be scared, no... Should you visit... YES... I think that my experience was unique and perhaps the spirits understood that they could connect with me.

But was it?
Russ Felt's Suggestion of Haunting

A Discussion

My weekend at The Crab and Boar was a really pleasant occasion and the stay there wonderful. Staff, rooms, food all excellent... After dark, I experienced a profound journey into the past, filled with both gentle and disturbing encounters. The presence of the inquisitive female spirit contrasted sharply with the malevolent energies from the old battlefield camp. This experience underscored the importance of respecting and protecting oneself from unseen forces, especially those tied to historical events. I sometimes know that this happens, when one is intuitive or a medium and have had it happen before, but this time was as exciting as I can piece together what happen and why.

As I continue my work, I carry with me the lessons learned from this remarkable inn. The Crab and Boar, with its blend of history and hauntings, remains a vivid reminder of the mysteries that lie just beneath the surface of our everyday world. While the experience left me exhausted, it also enriched my understanding of the powerful imprints left by the past.

I genuinely can't wait to revisit for the relaxation and the food and luxury.

Having told the rest of the DS Haunts Team - perhaps we could conduct an investigation?

It feels like the location...
Is this the camp's location

Said to be at the Carb and Boar
The Location on the Heath

At the Crab and Boar
Historic Evidence

At the carb and boar
More Evidence or location

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