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Botleigh Grange Hotel Haunting; Investigating Suspected Paranormal Energies

An Evening Investigation by DS Hauntings
Botleigh Grange Hotel; Haunted?
Historic Background


Botleigh Grange Hotel, with its origins tracing back to the 17th century, is steeped in history and natural beauty, is nestled between the country side of Deer Park and the A334 at Hedge End's northern edge. Initially built on an estate of over 100 acres featuring a freshwater lake, the property expanded to 333 acres by 1829, showcasing arable lands, pastures, woodlands, and significant oak timber. Despite its fluctuating fortunes, including a period of dereliction post-WWI and a transformation into a private hotel by 1932, the estate has retained its charm. Today, it stands as a private hotel, having undergone several ownership changes and renovations, surrounded by residential housing, yet preserving its historic essence with access through parkland grazed by highland cattle, formal gardens, specimen trees, and two lakes.


The current Botleigh Grange Hotel encapsulates a rich blend of history and modern classical look and feel. The original estate, which once boasted a deer park and extensive grounds, has been significantly reduced and adapted over the centuries. The hotel itself has seen sympathetic extensions to maintain its historic character, while incorporating modern amenities. Despite facing challenges, including administration in 2019, the property has been revitalized and continues to operate, offering a glimpse into its grand past with its attractive terrace, lakes run by a fishing club, and the potential for further restoration to enhance its beautiful setting amidst pressures for development.


Stories of the Local Haunted Hotel


Among the whispered tales that shroud the Botleigh Grange Hotel Hauntings in Hedge End, two tales stand particularly vivid in the collective memory of its visitors and caretakers. One story tells of the tragic fate of a former owner's daughter, believed to be imprisoned within one of the tower's principal bedrooms by her father, due to a rumoured affair with a knight. The remnants of her despair, evidenced by claw marks on the bedroom door from her futile attempts to escape, serve as a chilling testament to her suffering and subsequent death from starvation. It is said that her restless spirit now roams the landings at the stroke of midnight, a spectral reminder of her tormented past. Nearby, a haunted oak tree casts a sombre shadow, under which her father allegedly stood, coldly overseeing her cruel confinement. Additionally, a mysterious monument without inscription quietly presides over the grounds, rumoured to mark the tragic spot where another owner's daughter met her untimely death after falling from her horse. These stories, passed down through generations, weave a rich tapestry of mystery and sorrow, embedding themselves into the very essence of Botleigh Grange, inviting both scepticism and intrigue from those, staff and guests who walk its halls. 

What Paranormal Energy is Within?
Welcome to the Botleigh Grange Hotel

Invitation to Investigate


The invitation to conduct a paranormal investigation at the Botleigh Grange Hotel comes in response to an increasing number of unexplained feelings and presences reported by the staff, suggesting the need for an expert team of mediums, psychics, and intuitive investigators.  As experienced sleuths, uniquely equipped to engage with and understand the mysterious occurrences that have unsettled those who work within the historic walls of the hotel, we stand ready. From strange noises and unaccountable movements to the eerie feeling of being watched, the staff's encounters have painted a picture of a location rich with unresolved spiritual energy.

The investigation aims not only to explore these paranormal activities but also to seek resolutions or explanations, providing the staff with reassurance and potentially offering peace to any spirits that may be lingering. This task combines scientific inquiry with spiritual sensitivity, offering a beacon of hope to both the living and the ethereal inhabitants of Botleigh Grange, bridging the gap between two worlds with respect and the pursuit of understanding.


The Investigation Begins


For the first time in this historic hotel, an extraordinary meeting took place, a convergence of the curious and the gifted, a gathering of 14 hotel staff members and the DS Hauntings team, comprised of investigators, mediums, and intuitive. This assembly was not by mere chance but by a shared, compelling desire to unravel the mysteries that linger within the hotel's walls. As the staff formed an energy circle, a palpable tension filled the room, were the gathered spirits providing an amalgam of frustration and a burgeoning anger, perhaps signalling the presence of unseen entities eager to communicate?

Amid this charged atmosphere, startling revelations begin to unfold. A member of the team felt a persistent presence, an invisible follower who, through a channel, communicated a fondness for the hotel and its staff. This spirit, enjoying the proximity to the living, offered a glimpse into the unseen world that coexists with our own. The investigation took a turn towards the hotel's grand staircase, an architectural marvel salvaged from a ship. The spirits, it seemed, approved of the changes made to their once-familiar haunt, expressing nostalgia, a new story being told. 


The hotel staff shared chilling anecdotes that add further layers to the haunting mosaic. Doors that swing open of their own volition, eerie sensations of being followed in the kitchen, shadowy figures glimpsed in the hallway near the bar, and a spa door that inexplicably opens on its own, all of which paint a picture of a hotel alive with otherworldly occupants. Two staff members even reported seeing a lady peering out of a window, her gaze fixed on an era long passed.

Amid these tales, the investigators pieced together an intuitive tapestry of the supernatural. A spirit with a French connection, a presence drawn to watching staff in the mirrors, and a poignant figure, a soldier from WWI, whose connection to the house was as tragic as it was mysterious—his life cut short by gas, leaving behind a legacy of sorrow and unfulfilled dreams.

One spirit seemed to relish in startling the hotel's female guests, a mischievous entity whose presence was marked by a chilling feeling of being watched. Reports of missing pictures, shattered glass, and inexplicable distortions in photographs added to the mounting evidence of paranormal activity.

You are not alone here
Haunted by a Spirit Who Watches You Sleep

Room Focus (Room Numbers Removed)


The focus then shifted to individual rooms, each with its own story. Room X, we felt harbours a silent observer, a spirit content to watch from the shadows, disinterested in making contact. The room’s window seemed to serve as a portal, pulling those who dared to look too closely into its gaze.

In contrast, Room Y was a site of unease. Despite the quiet, the air was charged with anticipation, as if the room itself held its breath. An EMF meter's constant movements and an inexplicable lighting of a cat ball, seemingly in response to a doll's fall, suggested an unseen presence, playful yet unsettling.

Room Z presented a mystery of its own, with photographs revealing distortions that defied logical explanation, hinting at a deeper, perhaps darker narrative. All of whom were in the room having similar feelings of the cold and tensions.


What’s Next?


This gathering, fuelled by a collective desire for answers, uncovered more questions than it resolved. Each story, each piece of evidence, contributed to the intricate puzzle of the hotel's haunted history. The DS Hauntings team, together with the hotel staff, ventured into the unknown, bridging the gap between our world and the one that whispers from the shadows.

The investigation into the hotel's paranormal residents leaves a lasting impression on all who participated. A mixture of fear, curiosity, and fascination with the supernatural world underscores our perpetual quest to understand the unseen forces that shape our existence. In the end, the hotel's mysteries remained, as elusive and enigmatic as the spirits that walk its halls.

In the realm of paranormal investigations, the quest for objective evidence remains the holy grail, a tangible clue that could irrefutably prove the existence of life beyond the veil. Despite the array of sophisticated technology at our disposal—EMF meters, digital recorders, and thermal cameras—investigators often find that the most compelling evidence is subjective, woven from personal experiences and anecdotal tales that defy easy explanation. This dichotomy between the objective and the subjective is at the heart of every ghost hunt, where the palpable desire to capture something undeniable is often met with elusive shadows and whispers from the unknown. The historic hotel, with its rich tapestry of ghostly encounters and unexplained phenomena, presents a prime location for such investigations.

It, therefore, stands as a beacon, inviting those brave enough to delve deeper into its mysteries, suggesting that, with more time, overnight vigils, and continued exploration of its most haunted rooms and corridors, it might yet yield the answers that have eluded seekers of the supernatural for so long. We stand on the cusp of discovery, grasping at glimpses of the other side, in a place that promises to bridge the gap between our world and the next.

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