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Return to Botleigh Grange Hotel: A New Paranormal Investigation

The Botleigh Grange's Haunted East Wing
Who or what is in the East Wing?

Revisiting the Haunted Past

Botleigh Grange Hotel, with its origins tracing back to the 17th century, is a beacon of historical intrigue nestled between Deer Park and the A334 at Hedge End's northern edge. The hotel, originally a grand estate of over 100 acres featuring a freshwater lake, expanded to 333 acres by 1829. Despite fluctuating fortunes, including dereliction post-WWI and a transformation into a private hotel by 1932, it has retained its charm. Surrounded by residential housing but preserving its historic essence, the hotel today offers a glimpse into its grand past, amidst formal gardens, specimen trees, and two lakes.

In our previous investigation, the team of DS Hauntings, along with 14 hotel staff members, experienced an amount of unexplainable phenomena. These included doors swinging open on their own, eerie sensation in the kitchen, shadowy figures near the bar, and a mischievous spirit startling female guests. The spirits seemed to have a fondness for the hotel, with one communicating a connection to WWI and another relishing in the changes made to their familiar haunt.

This rich tapestry of history and mystery beckoned us once again to Botleigh Grange, armed with our tools and a resolve to uncover more of its secrets.

The Second Investigation: A Quiet Unease

Returning to Botleigh Grange, the atmosphere was markedly different. The night was quieter, yet the sense of unease was palpable. Our electronic app detected my name being spoken over 30 times, accompanied by frequent commands to "get out" or "leave now." These unsettling messages hinted at a deeper unrest within the hotel's walls. It is often stated in the apps that investigators should stop and leave.

As I attempted to 'tune in' to the energy, I felt one of the most compelling moments of the night; which was an intuitive feeling that washed over me. I envisioned a young girl being chased, possibly by dogs, becoming disoriented and ultimately falling into a pond. This tragic scene felt as if it was imprinted on the very fabric of the hotel's grounds, adding another layer to the haunting narrative we had begun to unravel. The voices of children were heard, however, we are not certain that this wasn't simply the voice of guests and so we are not able to report with certainty of this occurrence.

The other groups suggested that they witnessed EMF readings and taps on pipes upon command. For me, it was a quiet evening.

Spherical Orbs and Pulsating Light

Throughout the investigation, we captured numerous orbs on camera, a common occurrence in haunted locations. However, one orb stood out—a spherical, pulsating light that seemed to have a life of its own. This particular type of orb was reminiscent of those witnessed at Groundlings Theatre, suggesting a possible connection or similar type of spiritual presence. Were the other orbs dust mites? My initial thought is yes they are, as we walked on the carpet as we walked in, however, perhaps there were others un-explainable?

"Since these organisms are 0.25–0.3 millimeters in length, which is invisible to the naked eye, they float into the air when anyone vacuums, walks on carpet, or disturbs bedding. Once airborne they can easily be inhaled, ingested and trapped on your body."

Reflections of Botleigh Grange

This visit to Botleigh Grange Hotel, though quieter than our first, was no less significant.

The repeated utterance of my name and the command to leave, the vivid intuitive vision of the girl's tragic fate, and the pulsating orb all contributed to the sense that the spirits of Botleigh Grange are very much active and present, perhaps unsure of how to communicate?

Each investigation, whether filled with dramatic occurrences or subtle whispers, adds to the growing body of evidence that Botleigh Grange Hotel is a hotbed of paranormal activity. Our next steps will involve more targeted investigations, possibly overnight vigils, to delve deeper into the mysteries that this historic hotel holds.

As we left Botleigh Grange once more, we were reminded of the fine line between the living and the spectral, and the relentless pull to uncover the stories that remain just beyond our grasp. The spirits of Botleigh Grange, with their compelling narratives and restless energy, continue to invite us back, urging us to bridge the gap between our world and theirs.

Stay tuned as we prepare for another night of discovery, seeking to peel back the layers of history and reveal the secrets that lie within the heart of Botleigh Grange Hotel.

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