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The BEST Ever Photo of a Real Ghost at 30 East Drive?

Similar to the Black Monk?
Gothic Era Clothing

As a hypnotherapist specialising in past life regression and, now, a seasoned paranormal investigator, I often find myself at the intersection of the tangible and the ethereal. One question that frequently arises is whether a camera/photograph can genuinely capture a ghost. This inquiry becomes even more intriguing when discussing a particularly striking image taken at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, known for its haunting by the infamous Black Monk of Pontefract. To date my own photos have captured a mist like image, orbs and I have recorded pulsating orbs and what I think of as multiple orbs joined by strips of energy. All of these are common in haunted locations.

These are the most common captures of the paranormal
Collection of Different Images of the Paranormal

Evaluating Paranormal Evidence

When analysing such photos, it's essential to approach them with both an open mind and a critical eye. Paranormal photography can often be fraught with misinterpretations and illusions. Let's break down the types of manifestations we typically encounter:

  1. Orbs: These are often the most common and controversial. Orbs can appear as spherical shapes of light in photographs and videos. While sceptics argue they are merely dust particles reflecting light, or lens flare, believers see them as energy forms, possibly spirits. I have seen orbs fly at me, through me and across my view, often pulsating. I agree that dust and lens flare must be debunked. Please see my videos and decide for yourself.

  2. White Mist: Wispy, ethereal mists in photos can sometimes be attributed to natural phenomena like breath in cold air or humidity. However, in controlled environments, these mists can be compelling evidence of paranormal activity.

  3. Pulsating Energy Strips: These manifestations are less common and often appear as streaks or strips of light. They can be challenging to explain away as reflections or camera anomalies, especially when they seem to move with purpose, and intelligence - See my blogs for information on intelligence of manifestations.

The Mysterious Photo of a Real Ghost

The photograph of a real ghost, the one in question was taken in the 'boys room' at 30 East Drive. It reveals a man dressed in black with a hat, a figure that no one present recalls seeing at the time. The clarity of the image is remarkable, adding weight to the argument that it might depict something supernatural. Given that no one in the house was wearing black or a hat, we must ponder whether the photographer has indeed captured the Black Monk of Pontefract.

Who is the Black Monk?

The Black Monk of Pontefract is one of the most notorious ghosts in the UK. The legend dates back to the 16th century, with the monk said to have been executed for heinous crimes. His restless spirit is believed to haunt 30 East Drive, manifesting in various ways to the dismay and intrigue of residents and investigators alike. If this photograph indeed captures the Black Monk, it would be a significant piece of evidence supporting the numerous eyewitness accounts and the location's haunted reputation. Is this him? Is this a paranormal photographic capture (PPC) - a new acronym I have created.

The Significance of the 'Boys Room' Photo

The clarity and context of the 'boys room' photo make it particularly intriguing. Unlike orbs or mist, the figure in this photograph is well-defined and human-like, yet it cannot be accounted for by anyone present at the time. If this image is genuine, it suggests a strong paranormal presence, potentially the Black Monk himself.

To validate this photo as evidence of a ghost, we must consider several factors:

  • The credibility of the photographer: Were they known to tamper with images or create hoaxes? I know the photographer personally and this is not the case.

  • Environmental conditions: Were there any reflective surfaces or sources of light that could cause such an image? No, you can see the only mirror in the room.

  • Additional corroborative evidence: Are there other photos, videos, or eyewitness accounts that support the presence of the figure? No one saw the figure until the image was viewed.

What was happening at the time?

Having asked the photographer for a description of what was happening at the time, here is her thoughts:

"We were in that boys room calling out and something sitting next to me tickled my back very gently. In the boy's room and in the cupboard there is meant to be a portal. Stephen and John both got affected [by energy] at one point in the boys room and also in the main room. Paula [The medium with us] said there was a dark domineering figure in the house that's been brought in. After the boy's room I was in the little girl's room sat the floor and played with her. At one point she opened the door when I said I need to get up as I'm too old to be on the floor, we laughed and she opened the door bless her. I also have some videos of when she played with the robot I was holding and it was turning and then she was sending it to me when I asked her to"

To give some more context, I know the DS Haunts photographer personally, a kind lady who radiates warmth and kindness. When I have attended investigations with her we both sense very similar energy, at times I've written down notes and shared them when what she says corroborates and correlates with my thinking. For me, she is fully trustworthy and would not manipulate an image.

Here is the amazing photograph of a the entity in question:

There is no explanation for this image
Is this the Black Monk of Pontefract?

The Role of Pareidolia

Pareidolia, the tendency to perceive familiar patterns where none actually exist, plays a significant role in the interpretation of paranormal photographs. Human brains are wired to recognise faces and figures, which can lead to seeing shapes and forms in shadows, reflections, or random patterns. While pareidolia can account for many supposed ghost sightings, it does not appear to explain the clear and detailed image of the man in black in the 'boys room' photo. The distinctness of the figure and the context in which it was captured suggest something beyond mere pattern recognition.

Closing Thoughts

Whether this photo is definitive proof of a real ghost or of the Black Monk of Pontefract, for now it remains a topic of debate. However, I am convinced that it is indeed a photographic capture of a paranormal entity. There is little other explanation. The usual arguments against have been made and attempted to be debunked.

As with all paranormal investigations, it's crucial to combine photographic evidence with personal experiences, historical research, and other investigative tools. The 'boys room' image is a fascinating piece of the puzzle, prompting us to consider the possibility that we may have glimpsed the spectral figure of the Black Monk.

As we continue to explore and document these phenomena, each piece of evidence brings us closer to understanding the mysteries that lie beyond the veil of our everyday reality. Whether sceptic or believer, such images remind us of the compelling and enduring allure of the paranormal. My own suggestion, from this point forward, is for other paranormal investigators to concentrate on gaining photographic evidence within the boys room and taken from the same place, angles, lighting etc. The image has unique facial features as are the hat and cloak, typical of the gothic period. It's only by capturing more evidence from different sources that we can say, that this is among the very best images of a ghost or apparition ever captured.

If you would like to talk more about the paranormal, or past life regression, please do contact me at or ring me on 07970977146

For more information on paranormal investigation or to visit 30 East Drive then contact DS Haunts here:


Thank you to Ghoster John (Orb) and Deborah Cann (THE photo) for your permission to use your photographs. Copyright remains with the original copyright owners and reproduction and use is not allowed without prior authorisation.

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