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The Haunting of 30 East Drive: A Terrifying Glimpse into the Paranormal

Is this the most paranormal location in Britain
30 East Drive in Pontefract

In the quaint, historic market town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, stands a seemingly ordinary house that harbours extraordinary secrets. 30 East Drive, a property shrouded in mystery and fear, has become one of Britain's most notorious haunted locations. This article delves into the chilling history of the house and shares my experience of witnessing its haunting through a live stream, as a visit in person, as yet, is not something I have achieved, YET!


The Pritchard Family's Nightmare


The saga of 30 East Drive began in August 1966 when the Pritchard family moved in, unaware of the terror that awaited them. Jean and Joe, along with their children Phillip, 15, and Diane, 12, were greeted not by the warmth of a family home but by unexplainable, chilling events that would mar their lives for years to come.


The peculiarities started innocuously during a hot summer bank holiday. Phillip and his grandmother were the first to notice something amiss—a mysterious white dust falling not from above but at head height, defying explanation. This was only the beginning. Soon, the family and their visitors witnessed phenomena that would become the hallmark of 30 East Drive's haunting: pools of water appearing from nowhere, green foam emanating from taps, and household objects levitating or being hurled across rooms, plant pots being levitated, ghostly hands mocking, marbles being thrown violently, scratching, and on one occasion, a jug of milk emptied over a disbelieving relative of the Pritchards.


Local media dubbed the unseen force 'Mr. Nobody,' but the family referred to it affectionately as 'Fred,' perhaps in an attempt to normalize the abnormal presence that refused to leave. Despite their efforts, including exorcisms, the activity only escalated. Fred's actions ranged from mischievous to menacing, culminating in violent episodes, especially towards Diane, who seemed to bear the brunt of the entity's focus. Finally, the event which forced the family to leave, was concern for their safety; Diane was dragged by her hair from the room and up the stairs, an incredible amount of energy needed driven by a desire to cause harm, and marks appearing around her neck. Today, the new owners recommend NOT spending the night here, but still groups come and investigate. If you would like to watch a film about their experience, the trailer is here.


A Night with the Spirits


Though I was unable to visit 30 East Drive myself; perhaps I am not feeling comfortable enough, even though I am now a seasoned intuitive investigator. I was captivated by the live stream provided by the DS Haunts team of paranormal investigators who ventured into the house to attempt to uncover the truth behind the stories. As I watched from the safety of my screen, the atmosphere of anticipation quickly turned to one of dread but fascination.


The team's experience was a harrowing showcase of the paranormal activity that has made 30 East Drive infamous. Shadows moved in the room and across the landing and behind the door with no source, cat balls lit up without touch, and bangs echoed through empty rooms. But it was the movement of a pram at the top of the stairs, seemingly pushed by unseen hands towards a team member, that left viewers questioning if Fred, the Black Monk of Pontefract, was announcing his presence. Although I was unable to watch more, I spoke to one of the team who had a significantly frightening experience. Moving with an investigator in the hallway, firstly a cat ball lit in front of them and then behind them electronic equipment went off. The investigator, a seasoned, regular investigator admitted to a deep negative feeling of dread overcoming him.


A Legacy of Fear and Fascination


The history of 30 East Drive is a testament to the power of unknown paranormal activity. Despite the fear and trauma experienced by those who have encountered Fred, there's a peculiar charm to the tales of 30 East Drive that continues to captivate the curious and the brave. Whether sceptic or believer, the story of the Pritchard family and the entity known as Fred offers a fascinating glimpse into the unexplainable phenomena that lie on the fringes of our reality.


As I ponder the mysteries of 30 East Drive, I am reminded of the thin veil that separates the known from the unknown. The haunting of 30 East Drive is not just a story of a poltergeist; it's a narrative that challenges my, and our understanding of the world and forces us to consider the possibility of what lies beyond.

Live Invesigations
DS Haunts - LIVE

So What?


From the initial unsettling experiences of the Pritchard family, who witnessed a myriad of disturbances ranging from mysterious chalk-like dust to aggressive poltergeist activities, to the modern-day investigations that have captured shadows, inexplicable light phenomena, and audible disturbances, there is a compelling tapestry of evidence that suggests a presence residing within its walls. The recent live investigation, marked by chilling occurrences such as shadows moving of their own accord, cat balls lighting up without physical contact, and a pram ominously propelled down the stairs, further cements 30 East Drive's reputation as a hotspot for paranormal activity. These manifestations, coupled with the significant number of historical accounts and continuous reports of activity, underscore the house's significance in the realm of paranormal research. The enduring mystery of 30 East Drive, with its blend of historical intrigue and modern-day witness accounts, continues to captivate and puzzle investigators and enthusiasts alike, marking it as an active and yet unresolved case within the annals of supernatural phenomena. I feel that I should be completely clear, this building isn't simply haunted, this is a building which harbours a dangerous, and extremely strong negative energy with an ability to be violent if it chooses.

Will you venture to 30 East Drive in Pontefract?

More videos and information can be found here.

Want to get excited and want to watch an investigation? Enjoy watching here.

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