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Whispers of the Paranormal: A Future Pilgrimage to Wymering Manor

Secrets of Beyond the Veil - Wymering Manor
Wymering Manor - My Next Adventure with the Paranormal

My Plan and the Why!

My plan is to embark on a journey to continue my journey of uncovering the mysteries of life beyond the veil, I will shortly find myself visiting the Paranormal at Wymering Manor in Portsmouth, a place steeped in history and whispered secrets. This Grade II* listed building, the oldest in Portsmouth and a site mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, beckons with tales of the past and the promise of encounters that challenge the boundaries between the living and the dead. I am positive that this will provide me with what I am seeking, the evidence that has brought me to investigating the world beyond ours.

The manor's narrative is one of a richness of tapestry through time, woven from threads that stretch back to a Roman settlement around 43 AD, through the medieval era marked by the occupancy of figures such as William Mauduit from the Norman invasion, and into the centuries that followed, each layer adding further depth and shadow to its aura. The house has stood as a silent witness to the passage of so many differing eras, its Roman and medieval materials melded into the fabric of a predominantly 16th-century structure, its cellars whispering tales of earlier Saxon origin.

As I look forward to shortly walking through its doors, I know that my heart will beat with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Perhaps I am now considered a seasoned veteran in the pursuit of the paranormal, yet, each investigation offers a unique foray into the unknown, a chance to touch the ethereal, to challenge my understanding of reality, to find the proof of past lives, of energy, of spirit, of an existence beyond the veil. Wymering Manor, with its Jacobean staircases, Tudor panelled walls, and the spectral quiet of its priest-holes, promises me an experience that could very well, I hope, redefine my personal quest for evidence of life after death.

All Senses now acute, on Edge and Ready
The Next Adventure Awaits - Wymering Manor

The spirits of Wymering Manor are as much a part of its history as its physical structure. Legends of Reckless Roddy, the Bloody Nun, and the kindly ghost of Sir Francis William Austen, among others, weave a rich narrative of the manor's ethereal inhabitants. These tales, passed down through generations and bolstered by the experiences of those who have felt unseen hands or heard unexplained whispers, suggest an energy persists, of the thinness of the veil within its walls.

My Objective

My objective is clear: to immerse myself in the paranormal energy of Wymering Manor, to open all of my senses to the possibility, and likelihood, of contact with the 'other side', and to document my experiences with honesty and an open heart. I seek not just to observe, but to understand, to connect not only with the stories embedded in the very stones of the manor, but to create my own through intuition and knowing of their being more, and perhaps, through an encounter with the souls that linger.


The historical context of Wymering Manor enriches the anticipation of this investigation. Its significant history marked by ownership changes through time, architectural evolutions, and its survival through the ebb and flow of England's history, sets the stage for, I hope, a complex exploration of spiritual activity. The manor's journey from a strategic Roman site to a beloved family home, from a vicarage to a youth hostel, and its brushes with destruction and salvation, playing its part in World Wars mirrors the undying human quest for legacy, for meaning, for purpose. This would suggest that energy is maintained by those in spirit seeking, continuing to provide a meaning beyond the physical. Some energy will be residual, while, I am hoping and believe, most will be resident and reside in the actuality of the now.

As I wait... shortly to be on the threshold of Wymering Manor, I am reminded that this investigation is more than a search for ghosts. It is a pilgrimage, my pilgrimage as always to a place where history, humanity, and the supernatural intersect. It is once again an opportunity to deepen my intuitive understanding of the world and to perhaps find the proof I need within me, that life, in some form, persists, exists, is maintained beyond death.

So, the manor therefore awaits; its stories poised to unfold, its shadows ready to whisper secrets to those who are willing to listen. I will, when the time comes, be ready to step forward, to explore, to discover, and to be transformed by whatever lies within. Wymering Manor, with its echoes of the past and its spectral residents, offers me a doorway to the unknown. I am here and ready to open it.

Let's Investigate
Wymering Manor

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