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Who was Edgar Cayce?

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was an American psychic and clairvoyant who is often considered one of the most famous and accurate psychics in history. He was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, and from a young age, he exhibited psychic abilities, claiming to have the ability to communicate with spirits and access information from the "Akashic Records" (a supposed repository of all human knowledge and experiences).

Cayce's readings were primarily focused on health and healing, but he covered a wide range of topics, including spirituality, reincarnation, ancient civilizations, and future events. He would enter a self-induced trance state and offer readings for individuals seeking help with various physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.

He gained significant popularity during his lifetime and became known as the "Sleeping Prophet" because of the trance-like state he would enter while giving readings. He was not interested in financial gain and provided most of his services free of charge. Cayce's work attracted a large following and led to the formation of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), which continues to study and promote his teachings.

While Cayce's readings have been controversial and subject to scepticism, many people believe in the accuracy and insights he provided. His work remains influential in the realms of metaphysics, alternative medicine, and spirituality. Edgar Cayce's life and legacy have inspired numerous books, documentaries, and research studies, making him an enduring figure in the history of psychic phenomena and alternative spirituality.

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