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A Past Life Regressionist's Review of a Personal Journey Through Regression Therapy

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Past Life Regression in Southampton

As a past life regression therapist, I found the personal account of undergoing a past life regression session to be a fascinating exploration of how past life memories can intertwine with our current experiences and personal growth. The story presented not only captures the essence of what many clients might feel as they approach this unique form of therapy but also underscores the profound insights that can emerge, even from a single session.

Understanding the Methodology of Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is predicated on the concept that we carry memories and experiences from past lives into our current existence. These memories are not just remnants of who we were but active influences shaping our present behaviours, relationships, and even mental health. The therapeutic process aims to access these past lives through hypnosis, guiding the client to explore these historical identities and uncover the echoes that reverberate in their current life.

The narrative begins with a sceptical yet open-minded approach to regression therapy, a common stance for many first-time clients. The session described in the story is somewhat abbreviated compared to traditional sessions which can last up to two and a half hours, allowing for deeper exploration and more discoveries. However, even in a 90-minute session, the client's experiences highlight the typical processes involved: initial discussion, hypnotic regression, and the subsequent unravelling of past life memories.

Insights from the Session

The client’s vivid recount of a past life as a 17th-century Italian young woman who pioneered education for disadvantaged women beautifully illustrates how specific past life memories can reflect broader themes in our current lives. For example, this past incarnation as an educator and a feminist trailblazer resonates deeply with the client's current values and life's purposes. This is a common occurrence in past life regression therapy, where clients often discover past lives that mirror aspects of their present selves, offering clarity and validation of their innate traits and inclinations.

During the session, the client uses sensory details—such as the feel of leather sandals and the sights of an ancient marketplace—which are typical hypnotic techniques to deepen the immersion into the past life story. These details are not just mere facts but pathways through which the client connects emotionally and psychologically with their past identities, facilitating a richer therapeutic experience.

The Role of the Therapist

Mrs Ann Barham, the therapist in this case, exemplifies the role of a regression therapist well by providing a supportive and non-judgmental environment. She helps the client navigate their past life memories and assists in drawing connections between past and present concerns. The discussion of spiritual guidance involving a luminous presence offering wisdom on personal dilemmas further emphasizes the holistic and healing nature of this therapy. This spiritual aspect, while not always highlighted in conventional therapy, is a cornerstone of regression therapy, providing clients with a sense of continuity and meaning that spans multiple lifetimes.

Therapeutic Benefits and Scepticism

The client's initial scepticism and subsequent realization of the session's psychoanalytical benefits mirror a common journey that many undergo. Past life regression can often start as a curiosity and transform into a profound therapeutic experience. The therapeutic benefits—as the client notes, including confronting current life issues and gaining new perspectives—are typical outcomes that underscore the validity of this approach for many individuals.


This personal narrative sheds light on the intricacies and potential of past life regression therapy. It challenges the sceptics, enriches the believers, and most importantly, opens up a dialogue about the therapeutic possibilities beyond conventional methodologies. For anyone standing at the crossroads of psychological exploration, stories like these can be both a map and a compass, guiding towards understanding the complex landscapes of our souls across the ages.

In essence, the story reviewed not only narrates a personal experience with past life regression but also effectively conveys how this modality serves as a bridge between the past and the present, facilitating profound emotional healing and self-awareness. This account is a testament to the transformative power of exploring our past lives, revealing that the keys to our current issues may lie in the lives we have previously lived.

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