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"In sessions, something amazing happens, it's spiritual and seems magical."

My Story

Why Intuition, Past Life and the Akashic Records?

With a long and successful military career under my belt, I realised my true calling was to help people on a deeper level through Hypnotherapy, coaching and change management. With a decade of experience in hypnotherapy and 25 years of coaching individuals from all walks of life, including military and ex-military personnel, actors, world-champion sportspeople, police, fire & rescue services, doctors, nurses, social media influencers, and leaders in business, I realised that I had a strange gift - the ability to understand problems, feel, see or think - even hear voices - about client's lives. I developed this gift, call it intuition, to help people in my therapy. Over the years I have understood that I am able to access and change the Akashic Records. I love conducting past life sessions and helping people discover Karmic Healing or indeed satisfy their curiosity. 


ere are my key qualifications: 

* Doctorate in Coaching and Mentoring

* MSc (Distinction) - Increasing Training Effectiveness

* Postgraduate - Coaching Supervision

* Postgraduate - Executive Coaching

* Postgraduate - Management Coaching

* Postgraduate - Leadership Coaching

* Postgraduate - Diploma in Hypnotherapy  

* Graduateship - Engineering Management 

* Graduateship - Human Resource Management 

* Counselling Practitioner

* NLP Practitioner Coach

* CTTLS - Certificate of Teaching in the Life-Long Learning Sector

I am a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and a Fellow of the Advanced Higher Education (FHEA)

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