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The Akashic Records

"The Akashic Records, as energy, exist and stream

from the infinite and eternal beyond any sense of linear time"

Akashic Records.jpg

An Akashic Records reading is a spiritual practice that involves accessing the Akashic Records, which are a vast energetic database that contains information about every soul's past, present, and future experiences. The concept of the Akashic Records comes from various spiritual and esoteric traditions, including Theosophy and New Age belief systems. The term "Akasha" is Sanskrit and means "ether" or "spirit."

During an Akashic Records reading (2 hours), I will access this energetic database on behalf of the client. The reading typically will follow these  steps:

  1. Intention setting: The practitioner and the client discuss the purpose of the reading and the specific questions or areas the client wishes to explore within the Akashic Records

  2. Sacred space creation: The practitioner may lead the client through a brief meditation or visualization to create a sacred and protected space conducive to accessing the Akashic Records.​

  3. Invocation or prayer: The practitioner may invoke spiritual guides, guardians, or higher beings to assist in accessing the Akashic Records and to ensure the information received is of the highest truth and for the client's highest good.

  4. Accessing the Akashic Records: The practitioner connects with the energetic realm of the Akashic Records using their intuitive abilities or specific methods they have been trained in. This connection is often seen as tapping into the collective consciousness or the universal mind.

  5. Receiving information: The practitioner asks the client's questions to the Akashic Records and receives intuitive insights, images, symbols, or words as answers. The information is relayed back to the client during the reading.

  6. Interpretation: The practitioner helps interpret the information received, providing insights, guidance, and potential actions the client can take based on the information from the Akashic Records.

  7. Healing and transformation: Akashic Records readings can offer healing and transformative experiences. The practitioner may guide the client through processes to release past traumas, negative patterns, or energetic blockages found in the records.

  8. Closure and grounding: At the end of the reading, the practitioner guides the client back to the present moment, ensuring they are grounded and fully aware of their current reality.

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