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Past Life Regression

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"Journey into the beautiful dream that is life... the end is only the beginning" 

Brian L. Wiess

What happens in the Session?

Past Life Regression in Southampton

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Past life regression is a therapeutic technique or guided meditation that aims to help individuals explore their past lives, assuming they believe in reincarnation.


The process typically a 2 hour session, involves the following steps:

Preparation: The individual seeking the past life regression usually meets with a trained therapist or practitioner to discuss their intentions, expectations, and any concerns they may have. This initial consultation helps build trust and comfort.

Induction: Once the individual is prepared, they are guided into a state of deep relaxation through various techniques, such as deep breathing, visualization, or progressive muscle relaxation. The goal is to reach a state of heightened awareness, similar to a hypnotic trance.

Accessing past memories: In this relaxed state, the practitioner may ask the individual to focus on a particular area of their life or a specific issue they wish to explore. The individual is encouraged to let their mind wander freely, allowing memories and images to arise naturally.

Imagery and narration: The practitioner may use suggestive language or imagery to guide the individual back in time, potentially through different lifetimes. The experience can vary significantly from person to person. Some individuals may vividly recall detailed scenes, while others might only sense emotions or have vague impressions.

Exploration: During the regression, the practitioner may ask open-ended questions to help the individual explore the events, relationships, and feelings experienced in the past life. The individual is encouraged to express what they see, feel, or perceive without judgment.

Resolution: The purpose of past life regression is not just to relive past experiences but also to gain insight, heal unresolved issues, or bring positive influences from past lives into the present. The practitioner might guide the individual through a process of understanding and resolution.

Return to the present: Once the exploration is complete or if the individual feels uncomfortable, the practitioner guides them back to full awareness of the present time and surroundings.

Debriefing: After the session, there is usually a discussion between the individual and the practitioner to process the experience, explore any insights gained, and address any emotional reactions that may have emerged.

This expereince can be a powerful tool for personal growth and promote deep personal healing for life-long conditions that had no reason for being. 

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