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Dark Rituals and Hidden Graves: The Most Sinister Secrets of the Hauntings at The Ancient Ram Inn

A hotbed of paranormal activity
The Ancient Ram Inn

Prepare to be enthralled by the chilling narrative of my, and the DS Haunts Team's latest paranormal investigation at England’s most haunted location, The Ancient Ram Inn. Nestled in the quaint market town of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, this Grade II listed building is a relic that not only dates back to around 1145 but also serves as a gateway to the otherworldly. Our journey through its ancient corridors was an encounter with the uncanny and eerie, an experience that combined trepidation, a spectral fascination, a desire for evidence and it was anything but ordinary!

A Foreboding Arrival

As I approached the inn, its impressive old structure cast a formidable silhouette against the fading light of dusk. The atmosphere was thick with anticipation and I admit to a significant feeling of trepidation as I considered the location's fearsome reputation. As I set foot across the threshold of this historic edifice, upon entering, a profound sense of being watched pervaded my senses, almost as if someone—or something—was lurking beneath the floorboards, I was most likely to be experiencing a psychic link to the past energy . This eerie feeling was later validated by uncovering in the location, historical accounts and psychic impressions indicating that the grounds were once used for dark rituals, contributing further to the inn’s haunted reputation - indeed, it was stated that a couple fled the room where I 'felt' this burial because they witnessed the ghost of a women emerging from the floor and perhaps from her eternal grave?

This place calls to you!
The Ancient Ram Haunted Inn

Echoes of the Past

The inn’s storied past as a hub of paranormal activity became evident through our experiences in the various rooms. In the main room, an invisible barrier seemed to prevent me from entering, a phenomenon that took several attempts to overcome—a first in my experiences of paranormal investigations and a feeling which was both frustrating and unfamiliar to me. This room, along with others, was rife with noises, creaks, and unexplained phenomena, including a display prop mysteriously dropping into its case without any discernible cause sending a shiver up my spine and triggering an involuntary start.

Our sophisticated equipment sporadically failed us; cameras ceased functioning and refused to restart, adding to the night’s mystique. The Witch’s Room and the Bishop’s Room were particularly active, with the former witnessing a self-rocking table and the latter recording an array of disturbing sounds from moans to disembodied voices that were absent during initial queries but captured on recorders.

Plenty of Activity in EVERY Room!
The Ancient Ram Inn, Stroud.

Spectral Communications and Psychic Energies

Throughout the night, the names "Mia," "Seymour," and "Sarah" were repeatedly perceived across various mediums, suggesting their strong presence or attachment to the location. The phenomena included maximum EMF readings responding on command, illuminated cat balls, and persistent, unexplained noises. The orb activity observed rivalled that of Bodmin Jail, known for its intense paranormal occurrences.

One of the most compelling moments for me was in the ex-Pub Lounge, now the living room, where a voice distinctly beckoned, "come and sit here, son," an invitation into the unknown that was both chilling and invigorating. I discovered that the previous owner had passed on the sofa I was passing at the time - the room had a more inviting feel than the rest of the building.

Thresholds make an invisible barrier
The Ancient Ram Inn Wotton-Under-Edge

A Portal on Pagan Grounds

The Ancient Ram Inn’s location on intersecting Ley Lines—direct channels of spiritual energy that amplify paranormal potency—is noteworthy. These lines are said to connect directly to Stonehenge, feeding into the vortex of ghostly phenomena observed at the site. The additional history as a Pagan burial ground layers the inn with an intense spectral quality, making it a prime site for psychic research and exploration of the paranormal.

Challenges and Revelations

Navigating through shadowed hallways and dimly lit rooms, every step and turn brought us closer to understanding the stories embedded within the inn’s ancient walls. The all-night investigation tested our courage and pushed us to our limits, both mentally and physically, as we dealt with the creeping dread and fatigue that such endeavours invariably bring. Past stories resonated in our minds, including the unsettling whispers of children's voices and the heavy footsteps of a former innkeeper doomed to wander its halls.

In the shadow-laden Bishop’s Room, harrowing tales of oppressive atmospheres and sudden chills, punctuated by the terrifying sensation of unseen hands pushing against their backs and pulling the occupants of the bed from their slumber. The Witch’s Room holds its own grim lore, haunted by the spirit of a woman unjustly condemned for witchcraft, her presence marked by cold spots and a heavy air of sorrow and malevolence.

The Cameras failed for nearly all of our time here
The Ancient Ram Inn while our cameras were working

Join the Ultimate Paranormal Experience

This exploration at The Ancient Ram Inn was not just an investigation but a profound journey into the heart of England’s spectral heritage. With the DS Team's expert paranormal investigators leading the charge and a plethora of phenomena still to analyse, the night was as enlightening as it was terrifying.

Leaving The Ancient Ram Inn after our intense night of exploration felt surreal, as if stepping out of a vivid dream into the pale light of dawn. There was a palpable sense that the inn itself was sentient, almost aware of our every move. As we packed up our gear, a strange, almost magnetic pull seemed to linger in the air, tugging at my senses, beckoning me to delve deeper into its mysteries. This unexplained force, ethereal and compelling, whispered promises of unresolved secrets and unseen presences yearning to be understood. It felt as though the inn had more to show, more stories to unveil, insisting that our departure was merely a pause in the ongoing dialogue with its spectral inhabitants. The call to return was undeniable, echoing in the silent moments like a siren’s song, drawing me back to its shadowy embrace.

A Chilling Exploration of Britain's Most Haunted
The Acient Ram Inn, Witches Room

For those captivated by the supernatural, The Ancient Ram Inn presents a rare chance to test your courage, delve into unexplained mysteries, and immerse yourself in the profoundly haunting ambiance of one of England's oldest and most ghost-ridden locales. Are you prepared to confront the darkness and peer beyond the veil? Join DS Haunts and me on this spine-chilling journey. Will you venture with us to The Ancient Ram, where eerie legends and ghostly presences weave together to form an unparalleled paranormal adventure? Plans for a return visit are already underway and are eagerly anticipated, as the enigmas of The Ancient Ram Inn remain largely untapped. This storied inn serves as a magnet for ghost hunters and aficionados of the spectral realm, with every creak and sigh of its timeworn rooms bearing witness to its storied and shadowy past, beckoning the daring to uncover its hidden depths.

Additional information - As the investigation at the Ancient Ram Inn came to a close, The DS Team made one last round through the eerie corridors. At the Bishop's Room, they found that they were unable to open the door. It felt as though an unseen force was firmly holding that door shut. Remembering local lore, Steve used a walking stick to knock thrice on the door—a reputed method, apparently, for appeasing the spirits within. Miraculously, the door swung open! Even in the team's final moments at the inn, the spirits made sure to demonstrate their presence, right up to the last second!

Unable to open the door? Knock thrice with the walking stick
(C) DS Haunts - The Ancient Ram, Bishop's Room

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