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How can past life regression help heal karma

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique used to explore one's past lives through guided hypnosis or deep relaxation. It operates under the premise that some present-day issues or challenges are rooted in unresolved experiences from past lives. While the concept of past lives and karma may vary depending on individual beliefs and cultural contexts, proponents of past life regression suggest that healing karma can be achieved through this process in the following ways:

  1. Insight and Awareness: Past life regression can provide individuals with insights into their past experiences, allowing them to understand the connections between their current life challenges and potential past life events. This awareness can be empowering, as it offers a new perspective on their struggles and behaviours.

  2. Release of Emotional Baggage: If an individual carries emotional wounds or unresolved issues from past lives, past life regression can be a way to bring these experiences to the surface and release the associated emotional baggage. By acknowledging and addressing these emotions, healing may occur.

  3. Forgiveness and Compassion: Exploring past lives might lead individuals to encounter people they have had relationships with in previous incarnations. Understanding the dynamics of those relationships could foster forgiveness and compassion, which can be vital for healing karmic ties.

  4. Patterns and Repetitive Behaviours: Past life regression can uncover patterns and repetitive behaviours that have persisted through multiple lifetimes. By recognizing these patterns, individuals have the opportunity to break free from negative cycles and make conscious choices for their present and future lives.

  5. Balancing Karmic Debts: Some proponents of past life regression believe that by revisiting past life scenarios, individuals can address unresolved karmic debts and seek opportunities to balance them in their current life.

If someone finds value and healing in past life regression experiences, healing karma is not the only approach to personal growth and well-being. Many other therapeutic modalities, such as traditional hypnotherapy, counselling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices, and spiritual teachings, can also contribute to personal development and healing.

To book a past life regression session here in Southampton, please contact me at:

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