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Unearthing Mysteries at Compton Lodge, Totton: A Night of Paranormal Investigation

The Site of the Investigation into the unknown.
The Attic, Compton Lodge in Totton. A paranormal hotspot.

Today, I once again delve into the unknown, continuing to seek evidence of life after 'death.' This week, I am taking you inside the enigmatic walls of Compton Lodge in Totton, Southampton, a place that's as rich in history as it is in mystery. Formerly known as the Oddfellows Hall and the Totton Picture House, this building has whispered secrets of its past, beckoning us to uncover its hidden tales. Today, the building is a leading recording studio and comedy club.


As the evening shadows stretched across the walls of Compton Lodge, our team of investigators gathered, eager to connect and to make contact with the unseen. This venue, a former hub of community gatherings, silent films, and even whispered to have held wartime secrets, was buzzing with a different kind of energy. Staff and customers have long felt an inexplicable presence here, of being watched, unaccounted movements, self-operating lights, orbs, and vanishing keys adding to the enigma, all the usual symptoms of paranormal activity.

Our journey into the unknown began with a warm social gathering, setting the stage for the night's exploration. As we ventured through the building, each corner and corridor seemed to tell a different story. The main hall, with its commanding stage, I felt pulsated with unseen energy, particularly on the right hand side. Names and images flooded into my mind and thoughts; 'James "Jimmy" (Mc)Andrews,' 'Scottish,' and 'painter' lingering in my minds, as if trying to bridge the gap between eras - it was something that stayed there in my mind, almost obsessively for quite some time. Only fading when I left the main stage area.

Hidden Areas

The night progressed with our team tapping into the subtle messages conveyed through our equipment. Downstairs, amidst the quiet chatter of our devices, it was the red room that specifically held me captive. An oppressive aura enveloped the space around me, an energy building higher, a member of the team leaving with a sudden severe headache, yet before the energy reached it's crescendo, it collapsed, energy to simply vanish as suddenly as it appeared, leaving me in silent wonder, Goosebumps fading. Yet, the Red Room would later feature in my feelings again.

Our visit to Compton Lodge was not just a paranormal investigation; it was a step into a historical tapestry woven with unexplained occurrences and hidden truths. The discovery of an Oddfellows Investment Ledger from 1914 in a recently added kitchen extension only deepened the mystery. How did such an artefact survive unnoticed, especially after the building's renovation in 2010? Was it this which was the precursor to a re-manifestation and return of spiritual energy?

Unfinished Business

As the night crept closer to midnight, we all realised that Compton Lodge still holds many secrets, waiting to be unveiled. Our experience, though profound, was just the beginning. It's clear that this venue deserves further exploration, with longer vigils and overnight stays which could potentially shed light on the shadows that dance within its walls.

Stay tuned, as I continue to seek the unseen and share my discoveries with you. Compton Lodge, with its layers of history and whispers of the past, promises more stories, waiting just beyond the veil.

Thank you to DS Haunts and the owner and staff of the Compton Lodge.

Paranormal unexplained feelings at the Red Room
Presence in the Red Room

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