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Re-Spirited: More Paranormal Adventures at Compton Lodge

The Site of the Investigation into the unknown.
The Attic, Compton Lodge in Totton. A paranormal hotspot.

Remembering Unfinished Business

Previously at Compton Lodge, AKA, The Attic:

"As the night crept closer to midnight, we all realised that Compton Lodge still holds many secrets, waiting to be unveiled. Our experience, though profound, was just the beginning. It's clear that this venue deserves further exploration, with longer vigils and overnight stays which could potentially shed light on the shadows that dance within its walls.

Stay tuned, as I continue to seek the unseen and share my discoveries with you. Compton Lodge, with its layers of history and whispers of the past, promises more stories, waiting just beyond the veil.

Thank you to DS Haunts and the owner and staff of the Compton Lodge."

Revisiting the Veil

Yesterday, I delved deeper into the enigmatic walls of Compton Lodge in Totton, aka The Attic, Southampton where I continue my quest to uncover evidence of life after 'death.' Known for its storied past as the Oddfellows Hall and the Totton Picture House, this building, now a vibrant recording studio and comedy club, is said to brim with hidden tales and paranormal whispers.

Arrival and Historical Echoes

As dusk fell over Compton Lodge, our team of investigators, along with myself — a hypnotherapist exploring past life regressions and paranormal phenomena — gathered under its storied roof. The building's owner shared that although the lodge had been, relatively quiet, there had been a recent uptick in unease. Intriguingly, uncovered historical accounts revealed that Compton Lodge was reportedly built in 1903 for £1400, a curious fact given the existence of photographs that suggest the building predates this year.

Spiritual Connections and Energy Work

Our exploration began with a gathering for energy work, setting a communal stage for the evening’s deeper inquiry. As I ventured through the corridors, particularly the corridor leading to the infamous Red Room, a profound sense of presence once again enveloped me. During my earlier meditation, an intense connection emerged with 'James "Jimmy" McAndrews,' a Scottish painter whose spirit seemed anchored to this place. Jimmy's story, which he had 'told me', unfolded in my mind — he had come to work at the lodge and mysteriously never returned home, leaving a fiancée who thought him vanished - he was sad not have been able to tell her of his death and wish to have gone home. In addition, I felt that there is a stone located beneath the building, which the spirits are attached and drawn to, thus raising questions about what might have stood here before Compton Lodge was constructed.

Encounters and Orbs

In the the main recording room, with it's different type of energy, orbs danced towards my camera, disappearing just before making contact, the name "Jimmy" lingered in my thoughts, a spectral imprint on the very fabric of the lodge. Later, while the team were engaging with a spirit board, these impressions were astonishingly ‘confirmed’—Jimmy was indeed here, his story etched into the lodge's memory.

The Red Room Vigil and Reflections

Our determined vigil in the Red Room, though quieter with limited paranormal activity, did not disappoint. Unexplained noises captured on our voice recorder were not present during our conversations, and subtle EMF fluctuations hinted at unseen presences. A few orbs flew around. The energy then dissipated and all felt well and quiet.

Looking for credible evidence also means being honest about the attestation and its trustworthiness. More often than not , occurrences are debunked - a term given to providing an explanation for a noise, vision or image et cetera. In the Red Room, the two of us talked about why there may be a bad feeling, was it the quietness and the sound proofing? Indeed, the quietest room in the world (read more here) is said to bring strange feelings in people who spend time in there. Perhaps one scientific explanation is that people get their balance by seeing the horizon and hearing their environment. If you would like to watch an experience of 1 hour in the room please click here. This doesn't explain why the vision of the corridor outside of the room feels so oppressive?

Paranormal unexplained feelings at the Red Room
Presence in the Red Room

Unanswered Mysteries and Continued Exploration

The discovery of an Oddfellows Investment Ledger from 1914 in a new kitchen extension added layers to our historical puzzle. How had this artifact remained hidden, especially after extensive renovations? Our night at Compton Lodge closed with more questions than answers, leaving us pondering the broader implications of our findings:

  • Do spirits linger in multiple places once passed, or are they bound to specific locations, objects, or buildings?

  • Can our investigations alter a spirit’s energy long-term?

  • Why would spirits choose to be quieter in a location and then perhaps more active?

  • What are the Orbs? Are they really energy of a spirit or dust and insects? A later blog will aim to perhaps provide an answer...

Reflecting on the Past and the Unseen

Having left the Red Room and conducted an equally quiet vigil in the main room again, we decided to conclude our investigation, the lingering presence of orbs in most downstairs rooms and the active energy corridors reinforced the connection to the unseen. The historical and spiritual layers of Compton Lodge continue to mystify and invite more inquiries, reminding us that every investigation peels back just a layer of the vast, uncharted territories of the paranormal.

There is always more investigating to do done, more to explore, and more to understand. Compton Lodge, aka The Attic, with its whispers of the past and ghostly echoes, stands as a beacon for those of us seeking to bridge the world of the living and the mysteries of the beyond.

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