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Whispers and Shadows: A Paranormal Investigation at Wymering Manor in Portsmouth

An Amazing Haunted House in Portsmouth Hampshire
Wymering Manor - Hampshire's Most Haunted

Wymering Manor, with its sprawling history rooted deep within the annals of Portsmouth, England, stands as a lantern to those drawn to the mysteries of the past. This Grade II listed building, acknowledged to be the oldest in Portsmouth, has been a silent witness to centuries of history, from its first mention in the Domesday Book of 1086 to its current status as a focal point for historians and paranormal investigators alike. Embedded in its walls, is weaved a patchwork of Roman, medieval, and Tudor Elizabethan antiquity, harbouring tales of intrigue, sorrow, and the unexplained. My visit to this historic manor was not just a journey through its physical spaces but a voyage, I hoped would span the boundaries of time and perception.

Arrival: A Sense of Foreboding

As I parked my car outside the manor for this Paranormal Investigation at Wymering Manor, an inexplicable feeling washed over me — a visceral sensation of murder and deliberate multiple deaths, as if the ground itself whispered dark secrets of its past, nature itself grieving. This overwhelming feeling set the tone for what was to become a night of profound experiences.

Upon entering Wymering Manor, the atmosphere took on a tangible quality; it was as if I had stepped into a smoky haze, reminiscent of a burning building. This sensation persisted until I reached beyond the first stairs landing, where the air seemed to clear momentarily, allowing me to take in the splendour of the twin Jacobean staircases and the gallery adorned with barley sugar twist balusters—a testament to the architectural grandeur of a bygone era.

An Encounter with the Past

Exploring further, I ventured into the loft, where one room, in particular, evoked a visceral reaction. An overwhelming feeling of horror pervaded this space, and despite the absence of visible cobwebs, I could feel them enveloping my head—a sensory illusion that added to the eerie ambiance of the manor.

As we commenced our investigation and formed an energy circle, the presence of an arrogant entity made itself known. It was as if the spirit of someone who once commanded the manor, unwilling to relinquish control, was shouting obscenities, a stark reminder of the manifold layers of history that enveloped us.

Among the spirits, a 'well-to-do' gentleman who provided a narrative that was both intriguing and haunting. His initial pleasantness gave way to a disturbing revelation of his 'guts being ripped open,' suggesting a violent end. This spirit raised poignant questions about the afterlife and the emotional ties that bind us to places long after death. His cryptic reference to "an evil bitch" suggested an awareness of other entities within the manor, possibly hinting at the infamous Bloody Nun?

The Investigation Deepens

Our exploration led us to one of the front rooms, where an old energy engulfed me... phenomena such as cat balls lighting up of their own accord and my fellow investigators experiencing physical discomfort suggesting the presence of a deeply unsettled spirit. The appearance of the name "Elizabeth" on an investigative app added a layer of personal tragedy to our encounters, suggesting a narrative of betrayal and murder that spanned centuries. Indeed, a story about Elizabeth seemed to be common knowledge of some.

Did we find some connection here?
Wymering Manor - Stories in Circulation

The main hall was the site of the night's most poignant event. Here, we connected with the spirit of a child seeking passage to the other side. Her interactions, signified by the lighting of a cat ball, culminated in a moment of collective euphoria as she found her peace, shedding light on the profound emotional impact these encounters can have on both the living and the spirits themselves.

An Evil Most Disgusting

Our descent into the cellar unveiled a darker aspect of the manor's history, with continuous paranormal responses hinting at tales too horrific for public recounting. The oppressive atmosphere of pain and incarceration in the basement was a sombre reminder of the suffering that had permeated the manor's history. The story of ghastly murder and hideous crimes too grislily to recount.

Further explorations revealed more about the manor's unseen residents, with growling sounds, moving tables, and conversations with entities named Tim or Tom. Yet, it was the sighting of a white face by one of our seasoned investigators that shifted the night's atmosphere from one of curiosity to solemn respect for the spirits that linger within Wymering Manor.


Wymering Manor, with its rich historical tapestry and status as a nexus for paranormal activity, offered a unique window into the past and the mysteries of the afterlife. From the initial foreboding feelings to the profound encounters with its spectral inhabitants, the manor challenged our perceptions and opened up questions about the nature of existence beyond death.

This visit was not just an exploration of a historic site but a journey through the layers of human experience that have accumulated over centuries. Wymering Manor, in its grandeur and ghostly presence, stands as a testament to the complexity of the human spirit and the enduring fascination with the unknown.

As I departed from Wymering Manor, the night's experiences remained with me, imprinted on my memory like a vivid tapestry woven from threads of history and mystery. The manor, a silent custodian of centuries, had revealed its stories not as mere echoes of the past, but as living, breathing narratives that transcend time. It underscores the profound connection between the physical and the spectral, urging us to ponder the depth of human experiences that persist beyond the veil of mortality. Wymering Manor, in its majestic decay and haunting allure, stands not just as a monument to history, but as a bridge to the inexplicable, inviting us to reflect on the enduring mysteries of life, death, and the legacy we leave behind.

Haunted Locations in Portsmouth
Wymering Manor Main Hall, my best encounter

Questions following the investigation: When one passes over, is is it possible that our spirit may return to a location we are emotionally attached to?

How do spirits sense other spirits, are they on the same vibrational plane?

If you would like to conduct an investigation at Wymering - contact the DS Haunts Team here.

Who are the spirits that still haunt the oldest building in Portsmouth Hampshire
Are you brave enough to step foot into Wymering Manor in Portsmouth?

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